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The Polycom Phones module for FreePBX allows for quick and easy provisioning of phones running the Polycom UC software. With FreePBX module integration it is easy to configure line keys to toggle and provide feedback of features like call forwarding, parking, and time conditions. Additionally network based settings make it possible to automatically use a low bandwidth codec when the phone is used outside the office.

The module is released under the GPLv2 license and distributed without any warranty. Support will only be provided to customers of Excalibur Partners, LLC.

System Requirements

  • FreePBX 2.11, 12, 13
  • Asterisk 1.8 (depreciated), 10, or 11
  • PHP 5.2+

DHCP Configuration

The recommended method is to configure option 160 on your DHCP server to http://yourfreepbxserver/polycom. Alternatively you can manually configure each phone. When the phone is booting select Setup and enter the Provisioning menu. Change the Server Type to HTTP and the Server Address to yourfreepbxserver/polycom.

FreePBX Configuration (Settings -> Advanced Settings)

The module was designed using FreePBX with device and user mode enabled. It is also recommended to change the following settings. If you already have created devices you will need to change the SIP nat and SIP sendrpid on each device.

  • User & Devices Mode = deviceanduser
  • SIP nat = yes
  • SIP sendrpid = pai
  • Enable Custom Device States = true

Uploading UC Software

Upload the extracted UC software to /var/www/html/polycom on your FreePBX server. The phone will automatically download the new version when rebooted.

Security Concerns

The module exposes the SIP device username and password in the XML config generated by the http://yourfreepbxserver/polycom URL. This does require the MAC address of the phone to be known. It is recommended to require and change the default network provisioning username and password. Additionally for enhanced security an SSL certificate should be installed and the network provisioning require SSL option enabled. Remember to update your DHCP configuration and/or phones accordingly.


Polycom Phones and UC Software Tested

  • SoundPoint IP 335 4.1.0 Rev I PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_335-UA/
  • SoundPoint IP 550 4.1.0 Rev I PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_550-UA/
  • SoundPoint IP 650 4.1.0 Rev I PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_650-UA/
  • SoundStation IP 5000 4.1.0 Rev I PolycomSoundStationIP-SSIP_5000-UA/
  • VVX 300 4.1.5 Rev E PolycomVVX-VVX_300-UA/
  • VVX 400 4.1.5 Rev E PolycomVVX-VVX_400-UA/
  • VVX 300 4.1.6 PolycomVVX-VVX_300-UA/
  • VVX 400 4.1.6 PolycomVVX-VVX_400-UA/
  • VVX 300 4.1.7 PolycomVVX-VVX_300-UA/
  • VVX 400 4.1.7 PolycomVVX-VVX_400-UA/
  • VVX 300 5.5.0 PolycomVVX-VVX_300-UA/
  • VVX 311 5.5.0 PolycomVVX-VVX_311-UA/
  • VVX 400 5.5.0 PolycomVVX-VVX_400-UA/

Asterisk Releases Tested

  • Certified Asterisk 1.8.15-cert3
  • Certified Asterisk 1.8.15-cert5
  • Certified Asterisk 11.2-cert2
  • Certified Asterisk 11.6-cert11
  • Certified Asterisk 11.6-cert13
  • Certified Asterisk 13.8-cert3

Polycom Flexible Line Key Assignment

  • SoundPoint IP requires UC software 4.0.0 or later
  • VVX requires UC software 4.1.6 or 4.1.7


  • 13.0.0 - Adds PJSIP support, improve security, and switch to FreePBX 13 layouts
  • - Adds multiple extension assignment and integration with Kamailio module
  • - Fixed another compatibility issue with FreePBX 13
  • - Adds options to change phone provisioning settings and enhance security
  • - Fixed compatibility issue with FreePBX 13
  • - Adds device password options, support for new Polycom MACs, and compatibility for FreePBX 13
  • - Adds loud ringer option and enables n-way conference
  • - Adds NTP options and phone display update on adhoc login
  • - Adds integration with phone features module
  • - Fixed a bug introduced with flexible line assignment
  • - Adds flexible line key assignment
  • - Adds codec priority options to network settings
  • - Adds additional attendant options and option subheadings
  • - Adds support for phone overrides, additional options and help popups
  • - Adds authentication options to network settings
  • - Adds network settings and additional phone options
  • - Adds power saving settings and additional help popups
  • - Adds alert info, corporate settings and additional phone options
  • - Initial release for UC software

Source Code

It you would like to contribute bug fixes or additional functionality the source code is available on GitHub.



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