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Our system is designed around the open source Asterisk and FreePBX software. By utilizing open source software a significant savings for software licensing can be realized. We bring the expertise to optimize the selection of hardware, installation, and configuration of software to work seamlessly.

Features include:       

  • Support for remote phones
    • Setup a phone at your home office to make / receive calls from your business number
    • Utilize a softphone application on your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device
  • Interactive auto attendant and directory
    • Callers can be greeted with a menu of options or a company directory
  • Time based routing of calls
    • Forward calls to a voice mailbox or answering service after hours
  • Call queues and ring groups
    • Ring multiple phones for an incoming call or queue the callers
  • Follow me
    • Simultaneously ring your desktop phone, mobile phone and other phones
  • Transfer to voicemail
    • Transfer a caller direct to a voice mailbox
  • Call parking and retrieval
    • Provides functionality similar to line keys on a traditional phone system
  • Conference rooms
    • Host a dial-in conference for as many participants as you have phone lines
  • Music on hold
    • While waiting on hold, music or a custom recording can be played
  • Web-based voicemail
    • Besides dialing in, you can also listen to voicemails from a web browser

We developed and include:


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